EN | 13.12.2006
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Press Releases10.12.2006


Human Rights have to be Guiding Principle in EU-Russia-Policy

European Greens actions in Front of Russian Embassies

Brussels, in front of the Russian Embassy. At the same time a similar action were held in 13 European capital cities: Brussels - Vienna - Berlin - Paris - London - Edinburgh - Dublin Prague - Ljubljana - Kiev - Luxemburg - Chisinau - Tallinn

Press Releases29.11.2006

European Green Party Spokespersons back the European Trade Unions’ Confederation petition for a framework directive on public services

ETUC petition on public services

Ulrike Lunacek and Philippe Lamberts declared their warm support to the petition launched today by the European Trade Unions’ Confederation (ETUC) on a framework directive on services of general interest.

Links to the petition and to the ETUC website

Press Releases27.11.2006

European Greens welcome Swiss 'Yes' to Solidarity Funds

Ulrike Lunacek and Philippe Lamberts, co-spokespersons of the European Green Party (EGP) welcomed the outcome of Switzerland's referendum on Sunday on a law to provide special funds for poor regions in new member states of the European Union.

Press Releases09.10.2006

Russia loses one of its most engaged fighters for democracy and peace

Spokespersons of the European Green Party Lunacek and Lamberts express their deep consternation over killing of Anna Politkovskaja

"The assassination of one of the most engaged female journalists in Russia is a terrible information, the crime must be clarified up urgently", says Ulrike Lunacek, spokeswoman of the European Green Party at the occasion of the murder of the Russian female journalist Anna Politkovskaja.